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Now let's factor in something else. The Palmer case just got argued at the DC district court level, suing for carry rights. The betting line is that we'll win despite a somewhat anti-gun judge...basically there's no way to rule otherwise. And that decision is due inside of a month or two.

DC might appeal it, or they might not. Either way, it would be possible for the decision to get positive mention in the McDonald final decision, which in turn could make further appeals in Palmer somewhat moot. Esp. if the McDonald decision is along a strong majority of 6-3 or more, which in turn is possible if the "Liberal 4" decide to do PorI and get one of the Heller 5 (Thomas?) to go along.

In other words, if a good decision in Palmer gets a positive cite in McDonald, we could see an *immediate* shift...if it's good enough, a next-day load open carry rally in Times Square .
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