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Broken scope base screw removal?

I'm replacing the scope bases on a Remington 700, which was purchased used. They are older Redfield bases, and apparently permanent Loc-tite was used, or some similar product.

The screw heads were stripped, I resorted to a trip to Sears for a set of Drill Out Micro Power Extractors, which worked well on all but one of the screws, which broke in two, and is broken off almost flush with the receiver.

The bases are off, and my set of extractors seems to have given it's all. I could swap them for another set, it being Sears and all, but I'm wary of attempting to drill this one out, because I don't have a drill press and am doing this by hand with a power drill. I don't want to strip out the hole and have to have it re-tapped.

Give up and have a machine shop finish the job? Any suggestions?

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