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Bud Helms
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Perhaps you could put a warning on the new post in the forum index stating that it is to an old thread.
If a thread is old enough, and I don't remember how old that is, A pop up window will give you an "Old Post" warning.

Maybe you could link threads with similar threads so when I am looking at an old thread I will find the updated new thread on the same issue.
The search engine will do that. Use "Advanced Search".

Could you post a sticky which puts forth the resolutions to the real or perceived problems so I don't have to search through many threads to see if indeed, this issue has been addressed.
I don't know where to begin with this suggestion. "Resolutions to real or perceived problems" ? Do you mean like "What's the BEST Deer Rifle Out To 400 yds?" or "What SD Handgun Should I Buy?" You'll get plenty of hits on those searches. Once again, we depend on the search function to do the linking as your need arises. As you become more familiar with the search function, you can find anything you could possibly want to know here. Click on the search button and then use the drop down to go "Advanced Search". Changing your search string can help to open up or limit the search and as a result, number of returns you get. The selections in advanced search are pretty impressive. They will help focus your search. Give it a try. And keep in mind that over the years certain common questions have been asked and answered many times over because a member didn't want to have to search through many threads to see if indeed, their issue has been addressed in the past.

There is nothing wrong with opening an old thread to continue the discussion. But you need to read or at least scan the whole discussion in that old thread.

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