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new posts to old threads

"If someone resurrects an old thread, everyone complains. If they start a new thread, people come out of the woodwork yelling "use the search function." "
I am a new member but an old browser. I did the search on this site and found many threads on this topic. None that I saw contained the suggestions I want to put forward. I didn't want to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for suggestions and/or resolutions. I did find where you decided to add a warning to an old thread. It took quite a while to find. Good idea.
I want to be a productive member who follows the rules and contributes. I don't want to spend a great deal of time learning the minutae involved in the "politically correct" way to function on this site. I will make mistakes.
I also know nothing of the logistics of your site.
Perhaps you could put a warning on the new post in the forum index stating that it is to an old thread.
Maybe you could link threads with similar threads so when I am looking at an old thread I will find the updated new thread on the same issue.
Could you post a sticky which puts forth the resolutions to the real or perceived problems so I don't have to search through many threads to see if indeed, this issue has been addressed.
You have a superb site. I appreciate the knowledgeable, sincere, and giving members who participate. This particular issue is not really an issue and if these suggestions are a waste of time maybe they can stimulate some suggestions that will help. Maybe someone has already posted these same suggestions and I did not spend the time to sort through all the threads to find them or the reasons they could not be implemented.
Thanks for the site.
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