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Another day in the OUTBACK.

G'day. I spent the day out at a friends property yesterday. We were checking fences especially where they went through gullies. Had an old BSA .222 with me just in case we saw any pigs (or other pests) We did a bit of burning off while we were out. On the slow drive back to the house close to dusk I had a chance to use the .222 (not a pig) . About 40m, one shot one kill, dropped like a sack of %$#@. Went and had a closer look and discovered the shot hit about 4"low and 1 1/2" right. Just nicked the neck, but must have damaged the spine

Looks like I'll have to do some serious sight in work.

I have pretty much got access to the property any time I want but it is a bit on the small side for this part of the country. Only about 500 sq miles, They run between 6000 and 8000 cattle.
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