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New Project - ? subsonic 12G FH

Hi Ed,
I have been following your thread for sometime, and like everyone else am very impressed with what you have done and appreciate you sharing your information.
I was so inspired that I purchased a bolt action 12G to start my own project. I am about to purchase a heavy rifled barrel and at this point I want to ask some advice.
My intention is a little bit different. I am a fan of the supressed / silenced rifles such as the Delisle carbine, and of the whipser series of subsonic wildcats, and the .510 is interesting. Imagine it at .710
I intend to load a standard 3" 12g to fire a very heavy projectile at subsonic. 1000 -1200grains or heavier. It would be a tapered profile.
The barrel would not have to be very long , say 16 inches, or even 12! (legal inimum here). I would attach a suppressor on the end of the barrel. I would not taper the barrel to keep it heavy, to help with recoil. The weight of the suppressor would help.
So just a couple of questions:
1) I assume that as my aim is subsonic I would be ok with a standard
length cartridge, assuming the heavy bullet would be longer also?
2) Any advice on powder and loads with standard or even short cartridge to get subsonic speeds.
3) What twist rate would you recommend? I know you use 1:20-22, but do you think say a 1:8 - 1:10 might be advisable for accuracy, but likely would be custom rather than off the shelf.


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