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What the heck was that ??

One beautiful morning while deer hunting in Alabama, I was sitting in my stand that was located on top of a small dike. On one side was a small pond and on the other, a moonshiner's still. They had tapped water from the pond, for the cooling process. Anyway, was totally occupied watching two otters playing in the pond. They were really having a great time. All of a sudden something hit me real hard on the back of my head. So hard, that it knocked my hat off. Gathered my senses and looked around trying to determine what hit me. There in the branches above and in front of my stand, was the biggest owl I had ever seen. Must have been him and he was looking me over for another pass.
Did not know they could hit so hard. Kind of reminded me of some of the hits I took in parochial school. I kept my eye on him and he on me till he finally flew off. Got to watch those owls. ....

Be Safe !!!
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