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Not used the XCR II, but I do have two XCR rifles in 30.06 and 7 MM MAG. Both of them are great rifles and have the stainless finish. It appears that the XCR is going to be one heck of a harsh weather rifle due to the tough finish that it has. I have hunted in the rain with those rifles and so far there is not one sign of rust anywhere. Of course I do keep my guns maintained with a light coating of gun oil. It appears that what Remington did was put the black Trinyte finish on it for the XCR II. Not sure what the process is, but the black finish might be less reflective in the sun while hunting. Yes, I have sat there in my treestand before and wished that the silver finish on my XCR was not as shiny. I must admit that it is not as shiny as some stainless rifles that I have had in the past. I don't really know if the XCR finish has spooked any game yet. Would I like to have a different non reflective finish that is durable in bad weather? You betcha, but I am not going to run and buy an XCR II in 30.06 or 7 MAG. just to replace the ones I have. If anything in the future I might have them cerokoted in a green or black finish. If I were going to buy a new rifle in .338 WIN. MAG., 7MM-08 or some caliber that I don't have, I would probably try one of the XCR II rifles. It is a good looking rifle, but does carry a hefty price tag. Also I have noticed that Hill Country Rifles have started using the XCR II as the base platform for one of their rifles that they sell. I think they do a little custom work on it and then turn around and sell it for about 1850 bucks.
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