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Shoot the more need for more coon. Problem solved.

Not an option? Get your self a good dog and turn it loose on em. I recommend a good Moutain Cur but my Jagdterrier is tough on coons too. And harder on cats, double bonus.

Still not an option? Go ahead and shoot em, maybe move the food off the porch so you aren't so close. Critter's aren't welcome that close to the house and they're liable to find another reason to hang out (like living in your attic).

10/22 to the body will allow the coon to run off a short distance more times than not so as not to leave a lot of blood close to the house. 10/22 to the head is messy, so is a bat.

Shot gun at that range will work good and coon don't bleed much from birdshot at the ranges you are talking about. Must be the small holes. #4 shot is the smallest you'll want to use.

Your other gun options are over kill and will leave a mess.

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