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Having killed a 'coon with an aluminum bat, inside my last house, i don't really recommend it. I was not injured & it wasn't horribly messy, but my cats haven't looked at me the same since then (they watched). I recommend the 10-22 with some hollow point ammo. I also recommend that you take a look at what you could hit if you miss the 'coon, while it is still daylight; the box trap might be a wiser path, with a .22 follow-up.

Of course, you will only be killing one 'coon this way; a two-fer would have loooong odds. Have you considered elevating the food on something that a cat can jump up to but that would be difficult for a 'coon to climb? One of those decorative ceramic columns might be just the ticket, slicky sides with a nice flat top. I have used them to hold stereo speakers before; they blend well & might look good with the porch columns. They were also very inexpensive (garden ridge, i bleve).

The only albino-looking raccoon i've ever seen was drawn to a friend's cat's food on their front porch, in mid-town Memphis, TN; it did still have faint rings on its tail.
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