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Raccoon Problems

Here's my situation:

I've got a couple of raccoons that come on my front porch pretty much nightly and eat my cat's food, run my cat off, make a mess of my porch, and are a general nuisance.

My front porch is concrete, with white pillars holding up the roof, and the facade of the house is light red brick, and there's a window right in front of the cat bowl. There is about 5-6 feet between the front of the house and the pillars. Typically the cat hangs out with its back arched, making mean sounds trying to scare off the varmints, and is often times somewhat in the line of my shot.

The range is about 15-20 yards.

My available tools are as follows:

Ruger 10/22 - open sights
Mossberg 500 with intermediate choke - bead sight
Marlin 336 in .30-30 Win - Williams peep sight
Browning Buckmark - open sights
Springfield XD 45 Compact - factory 3-dot, non-luminescent sights
Incandescent Maglite

Ammo on hand is as follows:
.22lr - Federal bulk pack
12 ga. - No. 4 bird shot
.30-30 Win. - 150 gr. Remington jacketed soft point
.45 ACP - 230 gr. LRN reloads, 230 gr. Federal Hydra-Shoks

My criteria for a successful outcome are as follows:

-Don't kill/injure my cat
-Preferably kill the raccoon(s)
-Don't splatter blood all over the concrete, brick, window or pillars (obviously a blood trail of some sort may be inevitable)
-My son prefers to harvest the hides for skinning
-Harvesting the hides are not my greatest concern

I'm wondering the following:

-Would the Marlin 336 explode the raccoon, creating a nasty cleanup?
-Does the 10/22 have enough energy to do anything other than scare off the raccoon?
-I don't think the XD45 is an option due to accuracy at that range at night. But assuming I could get a clean shot off with it, what would it do?
-What is your recommended solution with the tools on hand?
-If I could justify buying a new tool (which I'd love to do, but probably can't) what would be the ideal tool for the situation?

I figured that this was the best place to get some useful feedback, and have a little fun in the process .

Thanks for your help.
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