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I went duck hunting with my older brother once when I was back in the NE on leave from the military.

He had a piece of 4" (Maybe 6") thin walled PVC pipe, capped off at both ends that he used as an out rigger. He had a two wheeled cart that used bicycle tires to cart the canoe into the river with. We had to walk over an old game trail about 1/2 mile and he put the canoe on the cart and the outrigger in the canoe along with a few decoys and our guns. When we got to the rivers edge, he assembled the outrigger by hooking it to the canoe (He unscrewed the cap on the outrigger and pulled out two more pieces of PVC pipe). It was great for working the very shallow areas of the river and between polling and paddling, we had a pretty good time.

I just realized this thread is almost two years old. Sorry. Maybe someone else looking for info will find it.
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