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Mikenbarb, I've hunted geese on the Delaware.They didn't seem to be bothered by a red canoe.In earlier times the goose season was in early Nov so I made outriggers with 4" pvc about 27" long and attached to 6' long cross pieces.The tube length was picked so we could detach and put the rig into the canoe for transport and storage. Two of use , each 200+ ,couldn't even start to tip over the canoe.My hunting buddy went across the Hudson at Newburgh with it - crazy but possible only with the outriggers !
Normally it's a two man job ,one shooter and one paddler. We drove along the river and spotting a flock [usually small] we put in above them and hoped they would stay there.Some were very tame , some wary. I've done it solo but that's difficult too much to do, watch the geese,make sure of background [safe shots away from houses etc] ,paddle the canoe.But even solo I was successful .It takes skill .Try not to shoot off the side. I met a fellow who hunted deer from a canoe and shot off the side with a 7mm Mag . Rifle,hunter,canoe took a bath !
If you take care of the geese immediately and cook them properly [braised] they taste great not gamey.
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