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Ok, let me see if I have this straight....

1) The MAK-90 in it's imported form is considered a sporting firearm and excempt from 922(r) compliance laws.

2) The minute I remove the the stock and replace it with a folding stock / pistol grip combo, that makes it a non-sporting thus rendering it applicable to 922(r). It was stated earlier in the thread that I would then need 5 US made parts as described in 922(r) to be legal. What I take from that, is that the MAK-90 has 15 parts listed in 922(r) thus the 5 parts needed in getting the part count down to the legal limit of 10.

2 questions...

Is my above understanding correct, or did I get off track somewhere ?

Secondly, is there a place that describes each of the 922(r) parts in detail ? What I mean by that is some things are self expalnatory such as barrel and stock. However, I don't know what all the part listed in 922(r) are. If I'm going to play the part count game, then it is important to know what they are. I not as firearm savy as you experts are.
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