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Another interesting tid bit of information is property rights are not enshrined in our laws. As an example, in 1978 Canada legislated a gun amnesty who's stated purpose included getting unregistered firearms registered.

I had legally purchased an AR-15, AK-47 and AKM, all semi-auto, and thus were legal and did not require to be registered up until the laws were changed in 1977/78. When I went to register the three firearms they were all seized. It took me going to my member of Parliament to have the firearms inspected by the Ontario Firearms Center. I got two back but the AKM remained seized. I received no compensation for something I had legally purchased.

After the tragedy in Tasmania, where an Australian nut case used an FAL to kill dozens of people, the Australian Government passed pretty Draconian firearms laws. But they gave fair market value when the seized now outlawed fireams. I have handguns that, because of their barrel lenght are now "prohibited". Although I can keep them I can only sell or give them away to someone with a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) endorsed to acquire prohibited firearms. As these are not issued and haven't been for a very long time (1978??) most PALs owners with prohibited are probably not far from playing bocci ball in Florida.

I have an 09 Luger that's been in the family for three generations that my family will have to turn in to the police to be destroyed when I pass since I can't deed it to my kids. I support reasonable gun control, including registering non-long guns. I support training and certification as well as really strong storage and transport rules, but knee-jerk laws enacted by latte sipping urbanites who's only idea of a gun owner is that we're all all gang bangers makes me wanna :barf:
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