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You're not as alert as you think you are, even when you're trying to be. Our focus on certain things will leave gaps in other areas of our attention.
I had an idea as to what was going to happen in the first video, but had never actually watched it. It's funny, because when I watched the video again I noticed that my count was wrong. Does that mean that my situational awareness dropped?
Our awareness is dependent on two factors: The average field of direct vision being roughly the size of a quarter held out at arms length. The second one being that it is easy to stop logical thought, as you can see here
It doesn't necessarily mean we're daydreaming, but more of an admission that we aren't omniscient. Is it possible to be in a constant state of heightened awareness? I guess it is, but it seems to me that general awareness and specific focus are opposite ends of the spectrum.
How could you have a slogan like "freedom is slavery" when the concept of freedom has been abolished?
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