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I registered on this forum just now specifically to ask you a couple questions.

I've read all the posts on all of the forums I could find where you were talking about the 12FH, 499HE, 700HE, etc. I have to say that I'm almost more impressed with your ability to post your developments across such a wide range of forums for so long than with the actual development. That is saying a lot since I'm thoroughly impressed with your developments.

So here are the questions:

1) I talked to E.R. Shaw about their 12 and 20 gauge barrels. They only offer uncontoured blanks, but the price is great. I think you used one on your Savage 210. Was the outside concentric enough with the bore that you didn't have to turn it down any? If I could leave it heavy and just thread it, that would be ideal for me.

2) I am waiting on written clarification from the ATF, but since you've been through this with the 700HE, you may know the answer. My intention is to build a cartridge using a .500 Jeffery or .505 Gibbs case blown out straight to hold a .615-.620 dia (20 gauge) projectile. Since this isn't a shotgun round, I'll need to get a DD exemption from the ATF. No problem. Once I'm done, I intend to build a rifle on a Mauser style action using a Shaw 20 gauge rifled allow barrel. What I'll end up with is essentially a rimmless 3" or 3.25" 20 gauge bolt action magazine rifle. The question is this: Once I get a DD exemption for the cartrdige, do I then ALSO have to submit the rifle for exemption? It seems redundant, but I want to be one the safe side.

Thanks again for all the exciting work you do.

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