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I know enough to want more from my practice time. I get range time once a month and I once shot IDPA for regular practice but Fatherhood has put that aside these last few years. I need and desire further skill building because I believe in being prepared. All my years I have carried jframe snubbies and during my time on the IDPA range I shot a 686+ 2 ½” tube. The 686 has since gone but I try to practice what I carry and carry what I practice. I prefer the 5 shot jframe centennial because its simplicity at its best and the most reliable for me and my skill level.

I’ve never made the leap into the semi auto pistols because of life’s responsibilities and it not being a necessity. My needs are being equipped with a 640 and a 642 both with CTC laser grips. The only other necessity in my life would be more formal training but most all the local schools are centered on the semi auto pistol when I’m looking for a revolver specific course. I am willing to pay for more school so I can learn good habits for my range time and build on handling skills when Im off the range.

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