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I like the hybrid OC/CCW for just the reason Dogs mention. stuff happens and it would be Barbara Striesand is a law abiding CCW holder got jackpoted because a shirt rode up or a jacket flared out.
HOLEY COW! I actually agree with Wagonman on something other than the XD.

I wish the places with open carry allowed in their law wouldn't make it borderline unsafe and silly-looking by using requirements for the OC'd firearm to be unloaded. That is just OCD, Open Carry Dumb (my opinion, no offense to those who choose to carry this way).

Seeing this thread did cause me pause the other night when i noticed the liquor store clerk (in MS) was wearing a tactical leg holster with a firearm in it, but hey, i would want one too at 5 minutes until close on a Saturday night given the location/vocation.

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