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Good Morning POLSKA

I'm doing ok but by no means rich. I rent my house, truck and DVDs but my Dillon Press I purchased. I selected Dillion for to primary reasons. First, it's the top of the line in my book with it's No B.S. replacement warranty (Mr. Dillon's headquarters and helicopter pad is a 1/2 mile from me... very handy if needed). Second, because I shoot a lot the cost savings paid for my press the first year... THE FIRST YEAR!!! So if I ever have a problem with it over the life of the pree (or if I go first) it's covered. Why do people buy Craftman or Husky hand tools? Because they may cost a bit more up front but the tool will perform or be replace for life.

I also bought an RCBS Partner Press for $59 when wanting to build something special or "undo" something not so special... we all make one of those from time to time.

So, I respect your observation due to the initial cost of the Dillon presses. Reloading and shooting IS my hobby. I don't own a hot rod, snowmobile, motorcycle, boat, I don't gamble, smoke or drink a lot... when I'm not raising my family or executing a "Honey Do" list I'm hugging my Dillon! Ha Ha

Welcome to the Forum, it's always fun to meet new arrivals.

Thanks again,

Your friend,


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