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When I was a teenager back in '65 or '66 or so I was visiting my cousins down in the low country of SC. My cousin and I took the 22s out for some small furry game hunting. We had shot a few bushytails and had them stowed in the truck when I saw what I took to be a large squirrel nest. Not knowing any better at the time I shot into the nest. Out pops a BIG WHITE furry critter like something Ive never seen. A couple more shots as it ran along a tree limb and it tumbled to the ground. It turned out to be an albino raccoon.
My cousin skinned it and hung the pelt on a wall of the barn. It has long since disappeared and no one really knows what happened to it all those years ago. That was cool.

A year or so ago I saw an albino deer on the side of the highway as my wife and I were driving to an organized hunt. My wife was driving and I was kinda watching in the headlight beams for deer. At first I took it to be a large dog but as we passed I realized in that brief moment what it was. When we got to the hunt I mentioned what I had seen and another fellow there emphatically exclaimed to his compatriots, "See, I told you I saw a white deer. He saw it too."
Man, that was way cool.
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