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Absolute rubbish on the part of our friend at the office of fine party materials...There is no likelihood that those guns are built with upper and lower that have AR type attaching points.

Even less likely that the barrel would handle the pressures of powder discharge. Nor would any other component.

Did I mention that these guns are are designed to take a plastic ball and hurl it out the barrel?

Does anyone else doubt that they have a chamber suited to even take a .223/5.56 cartridge? Go ahead and machine one to do this and fire it... Lemme know how that works for you or have your next of kin come on here and post the results...

On second thought, I think the Taiwanese shops have just found a way to put AR15/M-16's into our hands at a drastically reduced price. This is gonna put a bunch of American rifle makers out o' bidnezz.
I need to order me one... Finally an AR even my uneducated redneck butt can afford. Now to find affordable ammo for my new lead slinger!
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