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I've shot only a couple of deer with handguns. The first was a 25 yard shot with a 357. The doe strode off a few yards and died quickly. The second was with a very downloaded 454. It was loaded with 300gr. 1300fps load that could fairly easily be duplicated by a 45 Colt Ruger load. I had the gun scoped and was proficient to 150 yards. That is I could hit a 6 inch steel gong without fail. I shot a doe at 119 yards quartering away. That is certainly as long as I'd need to shoot one. She died quickly, and from what I rememeber, you just have to be shooting all the time to have that confidence. Not the same as taking out your 30-06. My brother is more the expert, and can use iron sights on his 44's and uploaded 45 Colts at 75 yards. I like a little scope help past 60 or so.

Rattling is not an option regularly used in Kansas, as for the most part, rut is long past when gun season is on. Even during rut, rattling has not been very useful for me in bow season. Must have to do with the % of doe to bucks.
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