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Humans have created artificial food chains, that create an excess of food for predators. That excess of food leads to an excess of predators, and lots of bored animals. Bored animals kill things for fun, burrow into burrow into things they shouldn't, and harass livestock and wildlife.
So, what you're saying is that humans caused the problem, so animals need to pay the price for... well... being animals. And "bored animals kill things for fun..." much like the OP and others that joined in the "flame Leadcounsel"...

Eh, keep doing what you're doing and patting yourself on the back. Shortsighted human folly has caused so many global environmental problems including the depletion of resources and extinction of animals at alarming rates... but who cares, right? Pat yourself on the back for a well placed shot and go on about your day...

I appreciate a good hunting story like anyone else; I also enjoy eating a tastey steak or venison like the next guy. I'm not naive to not know where meat comes from, and most of it is grown by corporate farms and killed in dirty foul slaughterhouses.

However, posts like the OPs are better suited for the topic of "lazy psuedo hunter puts a bullet in a rifle and pulls the trigger and sportkills animals for depraved fun and bragging rights" rather than "the hunt" - which implies some skill and use of the animal which was killed... Wow, you shot a large dog sized target at 400 yards. Big deal.... We're all entitled to our opinions and again I'm not impressed... I routinely shoot 3 second pop up targets at 300 meters with open sites with a carbine... you don't see me raving about it like its' some big accomplishment.

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