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Nice, and particularly nice because you pulled it off with something definitely not in the class of a modern varmint rig. A little over a month ago, I was feeling a little proud because I took my first black powder coyote - a scoped black powder rig I might add. There's no question I have been trumped and trumped hard.

I'm another one of those who will opportunistically take a coyote to help control their numbers. I don't do so with any malice, even though they literally wiped me out on my first attempt to have a flock of ducks, geese and free range chickens. (Okay, maybe a little malice.) Needles to say, coyotes are more opportunistic than I could ever be. The following spring I had a dead calf and another one injured. That could have been dogs, but our recent history with coyotes points to coyotes. Not only did our DOC (dept of conservation) issue us an out of season permit, (we have a closed portion here,) they shipped us a big box of snares and helped us figure out how to go about it.

In our case, the vast majority of coyotes were too well schooled to come to a call. Some did come to a live lure, (I’ve posted a couple here about using a Pekin duck,) but not enough to stop the predation. We finally got the upper hand with the snares. I'd rather we never have to resort to that again.

IMO, rifle hunting or shooting as the opportunity arises is better than trapping in humane terms. In a snare, a coyote may hang himself. While that's not the most humane thing, I would always hope it went that way, otherwise I'm dispatching a terrified animal with no means of escape. Same thing with a leg hold trap. (Hold your fire trappers. I get it. I'm just saying it isn't for me.)

Leadcounsel, I hope you'll see this other side of the issue and understand why someone like me appreciates what the OP has accomplished. From my experience, seeing a coyote in daylight that is tolerant of people within any proximity is an indication that you are headed for a coyote problem.

Plus, if anyone will use the fur or sell it, I'm all for it. "Save a dog in China - Shoot a coyote in America!"
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