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LC, in my area, there is no limit, no season on "dogs". I hunt them as often as I can. Sometimes I hunt them for the hides, most times it is just population control. See, around here, we lose or used to lose a lot of the poults, (baby turkey), and fawns to these coyotes. The folks that farm in our area have commented to me that in the last few years, they have seen an increase in the Rio's around here. That is a good thing in and of itself, as it allows me to take my wife out and hunt the birds or one of the kids.

No, I will not try to change your mind or tell you to go somewhere else or another forum, because I'm sure you don't want me telling you what to do when you have the freedom to do so. Please just don't sound off so vehemently against a person that shot a coyote cleanly and did not have to chase a wounded animal, that is his freedom.
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