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Hey LC, You do realize that, in america, we quit the whole run 'em down with a spear when Al Gore invented this here internet thingy?

A person who spends 10K to prepare for a deer season hasn't the need for the meat and doesn't put himself in danger so why do we have the hunt section if no hunting is right in your eyes?

You reckon there would be financial, social, logistical and safety concerns if each and every type of hunting were stopped? YOU BET YER PINK SOCKS BUDDY!!!

Financial losses from animals would break the farmers bank then our wallet. The insurance claims from animal/auto accidents and attacks by aggressive, starving overpopulated critters would ruin the insurance industry or break us paying increased premiums.

Social loss would at minimum be from folks not being able to travel or go out from fear of injury and death.

Logistical damage in the form of important transport of goods and food being stopped or severely slowed by all the large critters on the roads all the time...

The safety issues are only lightly hit on in the above.
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