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So, any particular reason you like to shoot animals that are just mindin their own business....? Was it stalking your livestock? Stalking your kids? You gonna eat her? Or do you just have some bloodlust for killin creatures? Just curious as to why folks like shootin' 'yotes' so much, and you didn't really address it in your post under "the hunt" forum...

How exactly is a 'yote' supposed to get away when you're hundreds of yards away with a rifle? It's not like you're chasing it down with a spear, or heck even a bow, where it would have some realistic chance of survival... I'm frankly unimpressed when 'men' go out and blast 'yotes' or other 'rodents', without so much as placing themselves in any danger whatsoever (the biggest risk is maybe you'll catch a cold or twist your ankle or nick your gun) and think they've accomplished some feat...

How exactly is this a 'hunt?' May as well been a video game... Long story short: You saw a coyote. Grabbed your rifle. Stepped off your back porch. Shot a few times. Killed it. Congrats....

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