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The cocker is coming back as far as field work goes. I have a shorthair is black from Germany, his coat is thicker than my FT type dogs, he loves the cold. I would look for this if I was waterfowling a lot it is why I got him.

I hunted over my pit, he would lead me to deer every time. We also ran them italian racing dogs on yotes, they get one to go to ground then the pit did his thing.

hunted in Fla with some cousins of mine, ran pits on hogs, they tore the hog apart. A pit can do a lot of damage, mine never hurt a human tho. Still wouldnt recommend them in this day.

You are from Missouri, A guy name of Sam Clemens wrote a book about some kids, they got some reward money and ol huck was gonna go buy a pit bull dog with his. Lets not forget spanky and his friends, that dog was a pit.

I watch a show called pit boss, I respect the work they are doing. I may go back to pits after my son gets bigger. He needs to know how to train and handle a dog like a pit.

Neighbor has a mastif, now that dog scares the crap outta me when he runs to me while on my motorcycle, he could knock me over easily. His bite is way harder than any pit too.
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