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Coyote that should have got away!

On feb.23 I came home from work just after 5:00pm and was about to take off my boots, when my cell rang. It was my 15 yr old calling to tell me that she, her brother, and mom were on thier way home. Looking south out the back door I spotted a yotey a half mile away. I told her I saw it and ended the call. I grabed my 1899 Krag carbine and took off on foot. First the wind was to my back and in the coyotes face, second when I was about 400 yds the family got home and started yelling and chearing at me. The coyote saw me but didn't scram. I set the peep for a 400 yrd shot but she ducked below a ridge, so I reset for 100 yd zero and started moveing again. I moved to the top of a small hill and spotted her again. She also was looking at me. She trotted west down the fenceline and I pulled up the old Cavelry gun and tracked her. I had taken up the first stage and was squezing when she stopped and looked at me. The trigger broke, the shot rangout, and I saw snow fly on the hill 25 yds beond her. As I looked at her and bolted the carbine I realized that she had went down in her tracks. I picked up my brass and walked up to her finding the shot had went in above her right eye an exited behind and below the the left ear. Very little damage and the nicest yotoe I'v ever taken. This is the first animal to fall to this 112 yr old gun since I got it 3 yrs ago. Also proof that even a blind chipmunk can get an acorn if he trys!
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