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Single point suck and aren't particularly good at anything. Preferred by mall ninjas and eschewed by real tactical teams. If you are moving at all (and you SHOULD be, especially if you are transitioning due to a long gun stoppage), you'll see why a one point SUCKS.

Two or three point all the way. Personally I prefer a 2 point especially for urban work. Why? It holds the weapon tighter to my body. Important when you are negotiating tight areas. The downside is it holds the weapon tighter to the body and can make it difficult to transition to the support side or in other positions.

Here's is a summary of the pro's and con's: just skimmed that.)

Instructions for make a 3 point. (Could easily be used as a 2 point.)

My only question now is if I should get a standard type 2 point sling or a bungee type. I've never had any experience with the bungee type so I don't know what its going feel like.
The answer to a question no one is asking. I'm not even sure what the bungy type is supposed to allow me to do better. Muzzle strokes? No thanks.

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