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Update ....

Well, I used the JB weld last night, and everything turned out ok. Although, I'm not happy with the looks of it, so I'm going to redo it.

SOme of the areas weren't removed enough for the bedding to make a real difference, so I need to sand it down further to make a better impression and hold. This is my first time doing this, so it's a learning experience.

I used Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish as a release agent, and it worked wonderfully. I did not mate the metal to the stock, so I'm really happy about that. In calling JB Weld Co. today, I found that the best release agents when using JB for this application is either Vaselene or WD-40. I think I'll try the WD-40 as it will allow the lowest tolerances for the best fit.

Another thing that I am going to do is really scrub my stock down with a degreaser like PB Blaster Degreaser in order the make sure I get all of the residual gun oils off of the stock this time.

Thanks for all of your input and encouragement. You all have been a great help.
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