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Hoping for some help with these two guns.
1. Barrell says 38 s&w special CTG. It has target sights. 6 1/2 " barrell. It has these n umbers in the yoke area S 104XXX. These numbers also appear on the cylinder. There is also a Letter D in the yoke area and the numbers 226XX.

2. This gun says 45 cal. model 1955. It is also 6 1/2" long at the barrell with target sights. The numbers in the yoke area and cylinder are S 160XXX. In the hinged area appears G737XX with the number 7 below the string of letters.

Both guns say Made in U.S.A. Marcus Registradas Smith and Wesson Springfield Mass.

I will post photos as well.
These belonged to my father and I don't know what I have or what kinf of value they may have.
Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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