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So.. ammo faster in pistol or rifle???

OK.. so I'm gonna go out today and play with my chrony some more.

So... folks with lots of experience with a chrony, make your predictions.

I'll be shooting some fairly cheap .22 ammo in a Remington model 522 VIPER rifle and a Browning Buckmark with a fairly heavy barrel that is 5 1/2" long. (I have no idea what specific model it is since it doesn't state on pistol anywhere.

The ammo will be:
--Winchester Super X HP's 37 grains states on box 1330 fps
--Winchester Wildcat LRN 40 grains states on box 'high velocity'

I have read on this forum numerous times that the same ammo will always go faster out of a rifle than a pistol. Since I want to see for myself I thought I would test.

So.... what are your predictions????
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