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in another discussion on another forum THEY decided the only bolt to use for pulling a stuck case from die is a 1/4" bolt, before I was told that was the politically correct bolt I was using 5/16" and 3/8". I got the feeling they did not hear a word I said.

There is another material you can get from Home Depot and Lowes that is used for setting anchors in concrete, cheaper, stronger and you get more for your money, 3m sells it but the price doubles when it has their name on the tube.

I also use the A&B glass kit from Lowes, the strength is on the package, it Acraglas was proud of the strength they would label the package.

"Decon Steel Putty: Flex Strength- 5600 PSI ; Tensile Strength- 2800 PSI

JB Weld: Flex Strength - 7320 PSI ; Tensile Strength - 3960 PSI

JB Weld is stronger and costs much less".
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