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You are absolutely right! Got a whole bunch more guns that need to be shown off with the same royal treatment these lucky ladies have received. I wanted to see what Rick could do and I am pretty darn pleased. My next order will be a little more complex as I want to move the wheel guns into their own racks and you may have noticed the little Colt Mustang off to the top right? I need a set of racks for some of my mouse guns.

What can't be seen are the six door holsters I have attached to the inside of the safe door. I have always kept those guns in Condition One, with the plan being if someone ever forced me to open the safe, I had a way to put up a fight once the door was opened. However, referring back to the guns I have hidden about the house, the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim.

With the wheel guns in their own home, I can move two more 1911's into the slots. I have a few guns hiding about the house but I really like the night stand rack which holds the tactical flashlight next to the gun. I might ask Rick to make one of those for me and to see if we can add a place to put eyeglasses for those of us too old to retain 20/20 vision.

I hope you guys enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I do. I have to sneak a peak in the safe every now and again just to enjoy the view. It is the first time since I've starting collecting that I can enjoy seeing these babies all at the same time other than schlepping them out of the safe to my desk.
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