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Using JB Weld to Bed Action .... Hear Me Out!

OK ... so I've done my research and want to bed my Remington 700 SPS Varmint that I just purchased yesterday. I've done my research and have heard of guys using JB Weld to bed an action.

I purchased a Brownell's Acraglas Gel kit at the gun shop yesterday, but it doesn't seam to have enough material to do what I want, so here it goes.

I have 10 packets of JB Weld in the shop that I bought last year on sale, and haven't used them for anything else. I have more than enough material there.

Devcon Steel Putty, which is what a lot of people use and like to securely bed an action in a large caliber rifle isn't as strong as JB Weld.

Decon Steel Putty: Flex Strength- 5600 PSI ; Tensile Strength- 2800 PSI

JB Weld: Flex Strength - 7320 PSI ; Tensile Strength - 3960 PSI

JB Weld is stronger and costs much less.

Am I making sense here?

Should I use it , or am I missing something that some of you more experienced users have found by trial and error?

Please give me your input.
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