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Indiana is a great state for gun owners….. but we need Hoosier gun owners help.

Indiana is a great state for gun owners….. but we need Hoosier gun owners help.

Late last year the Bloomington Herald-Times used what the paper called “aggregate data to show the incidence of gun permits in various counties”.
They also stated (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette) “But some Hoosiers complained that the information on the permits- including names and addresses- should not be public record.”
A more accurate description would be that Hoosiers were extremely mad that the news paper printed the names and address in the paper of those that had carry permits.
The good “news” in all this is that Indiana which has always been a pro-gun state this week passed HOUSE BILL 1068 and it passed 48 to 0. This bill closes public assess to the states database of Hoosiers with a permit to carry handguns.
Now all we need is Gov Mitch Daniels to sign it. I am happy to say he has remained pro gun so let’s keep our fingers crossed.
I also found it humorous that the paper found this bill so disagreeable to the public safety.
In there own words “The Hoosier State Press Association opposed the bill, saying the names and addresses in the database are necessary for journalists to scrutinize the permitting process.”
“The bill still allows journalist to access the general information from the permits, such as the number per county or percentage of permits denied compared with the number granted.”

All I have to say is thank you Indiana Senate,,,, and to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Bloomington Herald- Times and The Hoosier State Press,,, you can all kiss my gun toting back sides.

Those of you Hoosiers that would like to send our great Governor Mitch Daniels a note asking him to please sign the bill can email him that suggestion at the following address.
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