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My new sights

Rarely do I write letters to companies, but these impressed me, so I did, and I'll share my review/letter here about my new sights. I have no affiliation with any company other than I buy stuff from lots of companies.

My new sights.

To: WrenTech Industries, LLC - Advantage Tactical Sight

I have my concealed carry license. I've been owning, collecting and shooting pistols for over 40 years.
My eyes have Myopia, Presbyopia and have Astigmatism.

I was born with only 1 hand, ending at the wrist, and previously had trouble safely racking the slide to chamber a round. I realize you made these sights for tactical purposes as in when one hand is "busy" holding a doorknob/flashlight/injured or putting pressure on a wound so as not to bleed out; so that one could still rack the slide on a corner or a holster or belt or shoe sole to clear a jam or replace magazines etc., but I wanted to thank you on behalf of all the visually impaired one-handed people for making this set of sights we can use.

I bought them for my Glock 19, Glock 26, Glock 27 and installed them myself and used the spacers and laser sighted them in and couldn't be happier with the results. Sight acquisition is phenomenally fast in all lighting conditions except total darkness.
So far, the yellow front and light orange rear is my favorite "all lighting conditions" setup.

As an added bonus, I noticed the tapered sides on the rear sight is more comfortable than any other sights as others have sharp corners that dig into my skin or holster while wearing my gun concealed. Thank you again.

Ron in Texas

Here's the sights I got
I have no affiliation with any company other than I buy stuff from lots of companies.

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