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Please remember it is never a good idea to scrimp on safety equipment, you can always replace equipment but we only have two eyes and once hearing is lost it does not return, I have learned this the hard way.

1-Get good quality glasses, cheap ones will have impair your vision; give you eye strain, and headaches. I happen to have a pair with the S&W logo on them that I purchased several years ago at a safety supply company they were less than $10.00. I use the clear lenses most of the time but I also have a pair with the yellow lenses.
2-Hearing protection I use plugs that are rated at a 20Db. reduction and muffs rated at 30Db. Reduction.
3-Any kind of ball cap may be a good idea; I always try and shoot in either the far right of left lane.
4-I keep a few “sanaWIpes” with my shooting supplies, so I can clean my hands as soon as I’m done shooting. When I’m done putting my gear away I wash my hands and face with warm water and lots of soap.
5-As for flashlights I have an LED light that is powered by three AAA batteries I bought Wal-Mart years ago, paid $12.00 for it, and it works fine. If lose it or give it to someone I’m not out anything.

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