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There's an article over at CNET about this by Declan McCullagh. He's usually a pretty fair minded reporter.

Side Note: It has also drawn some attention over at (same article as above, but with a few LE comments).

What is interesting is that the East Palo Alto Police Chief has been reported as "suggesting" that the screen-shot taken of the facebook page had been "altered to make Tuason look bad."

That "suggestion" doesn't sit well with "Oaklander" who took the screen-shot. Chief Estelle may be in for a surprise.

The basic problem with all of this is that Rod Tuason posts (well at least he used to - LOL) at CalGuns as .45 Shooter. He even replied to the main thread with a half-hearted apology and denied nothing in the screen-shot (his identity has been confirmed). The master thread at CalGuns is here, but be forewarned, it is currently standing at 900+ posts.
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