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Ill give you an advice from the other side of the Atlantic. Im new here and live in Norway....Ivited here by Old Grump. That fine laddy from Wisconsin....

A dead on reliable quick mount is the EAW mount. I use this mount on my Rem 375 H&H. When hunting moose in heavy bush and forrest, you dont want to have a scope on it. If you get into an opening, and want to use your scope, just swing it back on....It takes like 1 sec to get the scope off, and 1 sec back on. Your zero does not change.

I dont use the iron sights on that Remington. I made special bracket for a Docter red dot sight fitting the EAW mounts. Just put it in my pocket when the Docter scope is on the rifle. And vice versa.....

Downside is that they are a little pricy, but I belive they are wourth it. That said, I barely use the scope. I find that small Docter red dot so good I even use it at long range hunting.
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