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I recently reviewed the Solarforce L-2 flashlight and criticized the sharp crenellated bezel of this light, because it feels rough and uncomfortable in my pocket.

Solarforce has now introduced a new model that has a new bezel and tail cap. The new bezel have a low profile rounded crenellated that is great for you pants pockets.

It also sports a new tail cap that recesses the rubber button and it now sits flush with the edge of the tail cap.

This is good if you want to use your light in the candle mode; standing it on the tail cap so the light shine onto your ceiling and illuminate the adjacent area, much like a table lamp would.

However it precludes any use as a “tactical” light as my thumb cannot push the rubber button far enough to click it, I have to do it with my index finger, and the click switch is harder to push than the one in the previous model, the L2.

This light was advertised as “the professional” and it is a little different as I explained in the tail cap and head-bezel, also the color is black matte instead of the black glossy anodizing of the L-2 model. This is called hard anodizing type III and is marked that way in the body of the new light, however I doubt it is the same quality anodizing that Surefire uses, as my sample is already chipped in the tail cap showing a bright spot.

This is no doubt due to the poor protection in packing the light, I received it in a bubble pack envelope which was broken and half the light was sticking out of it.

The interior of the light is anodized in a soft gold color similar to the Surefire interior, as this light is a clone of the Surefire it is a good idea they protect the interior this way, instead of the bright aluminum interior of the L-2.

The body of the light is exactly the same as the L-2 model, except of course for the label and color.

The module is the same used in the L-2 model, it have five functions, low, medium, high, strobe and SOS.

This R-2 lamp is advertised at 300 lumens, which I have difficulty seeing, as my Fenix TK-11 with a Cree Q-5 rated for 225 lumens is a little brighter than this lamp.
Nevertheless, even if it is only 200 lumens, it still is a good lamp.

I much prefer the switch of the previous model as I have more control over it and is easy for me to activate.

The overall quality is improving. The threads are smooth and the switches positives, the beam is white and free of shadows or distortions, this light reach 45 yards with enough light to show detail.

For run time I can only offer a copy and paste I took from The Firing Line forum from a sales thread that is featured there:

Here it is:
High Level (~300 lumens) approx. 1.25 hours run time
Mid Level (~165 lumens) approx. 2 hours run time
Low Level (~100 lumens) approx. 3 hours run time
That said, if a person uses (1) 18650 rechargeable lithium ion battery their run times, on average, usually increase by approximately 200%. Though their overall output is lessened a bit.

I can’t vouch for the veracity of these run times, I run the light myself using a rechargeable 18650 battery, but it can also run with two 123’s for those that like to waste money and batteries.

Solarforce also have some L2 bodies for those that like to put their own lamps in. It is mostly necessary for those that are building a weapon light, as the remote pressure pad switch will cycle this R-2 lamp on the different modes, and weapons lights need only one mode (full power).

Solarforce makes an R-2 lamp with single mode and Lumens Factory has other incandescent and LED’s lamps that will fit Surefire as well as Solarforce lights.

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