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If your gun has the safety in front of the trigger, its old; pre 1928 I think. because I think 1928 is when they changed that. (But thats from memory-always shaky - and I could be wrong.) It might be helpful to post a few photos of your gun on this forum. Sometimes where something is located on the gun is important - like where on the receiver is the serial number? is it under the receiver, or on the side of the receiver? The REAL early guns seem to have had them on the bottom of the receiver. If you have one of those, no one on the forum may be able to tell you the exact year it was manufactured. The Remington codes used to identify the exact year of manufacture seem to have come along fairly late in the game, and from what I've read from other members those codes are not useful with real early Model 11's. But most of us who love Model 11s, do enjoy seeing photos of them, regardless of condition. Sure, they all look alike in some ways, but each one seems to have its own special character. Why not show your gun off? And take some photos of the markings on the gun too.
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