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PPC match

I shot a PPC match at a local gun club on Sunday.

We shot a 48 rnd modified PPC course, and you could shoot as many times as you wanted for $5 a run. I shot the course 3 times.

And I was generally somewhat disappointed in how I did. Several of my routine practice courses are based on the PPC using the NRA B-34 1/2 scale target at 50 feet.

The stage I had trouble with was 6 rnds kneeling, 6 rnds left barricade, and 6 rnds right barricade in 90 seconds. 90 seconds is forever. You almost have time to have a cup of coffee and run to the restroom in that stage. Still, for some reason I shot too fast, and when shooting left barricade/left hand with support, I bashed the trigger and pulled my shots low right about 4 o'clock out of the scoring rings.

On the other stages, my group wasn't as tight as it should've been, but it was acceptable. (We pulled targets after each stage)

I practice left hand with support all the time because it can be useful when shooting around cover. I may never need it in the real world, but it certainly comes in handy at matches, and is sometimes required. (Left hand with support is basically mirror-image for me as I'm right handed).

So, I have to get out the timer and practice that some more.

Still, it was an enjoyable morning. I've always liked shooting PPC and since there was a small number of shooters, I was able to shoot through the course 3 times and be on my way in an hour.

(My best score was 427-12X out of 480 possible. Normally, on that course, I'm in the low 450s or so)
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