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Winchester model 12 and steel shot

As I mentioned before, my model 12 is 96 years old. It is all original with a full choke barrel. I have never fired steel shot in it. Would reaming the choke out to say, modified make it safe for steel shot? If not, what about a replacement barrel? And finally, since I prefer it original, what are the best options for legal water-fowl ammo? Bismuth? Tungsten Matrix? Other? So far I've only shot clay targets with this gun; but sooner or later I'll get inspired to let her do what she was created to do. When that day comes I'll need some legal ammo that the gun can handle. I've been shooting a lot of vintage shotgun shells I pick up at the gun show. [I LOVE old stuff! "C'mon now, Warden, ain't this old gun and these ancient shotgun shells grandfathered in? They was legal when they was made....." "Tell it to the Judge."] Any advice would be appreciated since I want to do things right. If I had known how much fun this shotgun-thing was going to be I would have gotten into it a long time ago.
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