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44 AMP you spoke volumes, however as a student of military and actual used guns, I have to disagree with you and others, that they arent good combat guns. Check the records, The 12's and 97's were still in use in Vietnam and highly prized. The other shotguns issued, mainly the Savage was a horrible gun that was despised for its fragile nature. Modern military standards only require a gun to fire 3,000 rounds without MAJOR failures. Good grief model 12 and 97's's have shot millions of rounds without any failures. One thing for all reading this to do is check the gun auction sites for used model 12's and 97,s and then their favorite gun. The Winchesters for the most part look like they were rode hard and put up wet, yet they still function properly. These guns were used. Most others may be 50 years old and dont have a scratch for the most part. These guns are tough and dont need to be taken apart to keep them running. If their was a better built useing gun I would buy it.
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