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Rusty Rag Review:

Got a manilla envelope in the mail today. Opened it and out slides a neat package; a ziploc bag, nicely labled containing two smaller ziploc bags. One contained the silicone-saturated sheepskin cloth and the other was cotton flannel that was nicely folded with instructions on the product's use. The first thing I noticed about it was the sheepskin didnt have any odor that I could detect. It was completely saturated, and it looked like the wool trapped most of it besides a slight smear on the inside of the bag.

I had just recently visited the range and decided to put it to the test; got a new G27, and fed it 250 rounds today, plus the wife shot another 250 rounds through my G22, so they were due for a good cleaning. I sat down, started wiping down the areas with the most buildup and it wiped most of it up, and it sure did get into the nooks and crannies.

Latham has a great product here... Thanks!!!

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