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Dogs and Personal Protection

I am curious.

If you deem that your life is in danger and you "release the hounds" literally... what are the legal and civil rules that come into play? I realize that this varies due to jurisdiction but what are the basics here?

I got to wondering because the wife turned almost turned the dog on a random stalker yesterday and it got us to wondering. She was not sure how much danger she was in and weird stalker dude eventually backed off (probably because of the dog). She caries sometimes but when walking the dog she often does not because the dog is... well enormous and very protective. Effectively the only weapon she had was the dog as the person was a larger male. I think in the future she will carry with the dog but weirdly this encounter convinced that the dog was sufficient. In my mind the dog is great. Until an attacker is well armed.

For sake of the argument let us assume that the dog in question is quite capable of inflicting fatal injuries to a person so we are dealing with possible use of deadly force. Even a if the dog were restrained eventually he could inflict critical debilitating injuries.
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