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I'm using Leupold.......

quick release levers on a Savage Scout rifle and IER scope.

I have been totally amazed at how the rifle comes back to zero after dismounting the 'scope. The last instance, it came back literally "on" the spot.
Usually though, its off by a tad, say an inch at 100, which would not cost me a deer at woods/whitetail ranges.

Further, I have a good friend who is an experienced and skilled long range/F-class (TR) shooter. He uses same rings on all his match rifles, which allows him to put his high dollar Leu or Nightforce scopes on different rifles as the event requires. The rails match and he swaps them easily. The zero or dope is different, but it sure saves cost. He claims that the scope "come back to a 9 (scoring ring), at worst". With unlimited sighters, he's on and shooting for record no slower than anybody else.
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